About Us

Danny Bradley, Jenny Coyle, Calum Gilligan and Thom Morecroft have been friends and unofficial collaborators for around 6 years: playing on each others’ recordings, singing and playing together live, as well as gathering socially on beautiful rugs and drinking tea.


The idea of Us Four came in early 2021, when lockdowns were lifting and the promise of live music returning was on the horizon. Our Facebook group chat become more active and we organised a facetime call to discuss some ideas. 


Over the next few weeks, we met every Tuesday on facetime, feeling very official and grown up as we documented our meetings with minutes, made google sheets, tried to stay focused, created documents, explored Arts Council Funding bids and got in touch with The Unity Theatre. 


We were made up after a successful pitch to Gordon Millar and Kirsten Roebuck Peters, who were on the same page as us - excited at the return of live music and eager to hear folk/acoustic music in The Unity Theatre!